Before I begin

I started this blog (though I hadn’t yet published it) and wrote my “Welcome” post in the time before America was burning, or at least in the time before America was literally burning. But I do not wish to publish my “Welcome” and my thoughts on other matters without first acknowledging and honoring the suffering and heartbreak in the African American community in the U.S.A. We need to do better, to listen harder, to learn more, to practice empathy, to change.

Please listen to this powerful song, “I just wanna live” by the young gospel singer, Keedron Bryant.

Keedron Bryant

2 thoughts on “Before I begin

  1. Hi Robin, A friend sent me this video this morning – Keedron Bryant has a powerful, beautiful voice. Along with the images, it really conveys the long, tragic history of racism in this country.

    Thinking of you and Rem and the girls … we are chugging along here in Brooklyn and J. has been out joining the protests.

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