In the World Again

I have been out into the world singing again and have returned home almost none the worse for wear, other than a case of laryngitis that is already on the mend. After six months of quarantining in Berlin, singing exclusively in my own apartment (I imagine how my poor neighbors would shake their heads should […]

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In an Alternate Universe Tonight…

In an alternate universe tonight, I am onstage singing a concert of Mozart arias with the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra at the Tanglewood Music Festival in Massachusetts. My whole family: husband, kids, in-laws, parents, sister, cousins, nieces, and nephews are there in the audience, the smallest ones having a picnic on the lawn instead of being […]

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Voice Lessons – Breathing Deep

I am finally back in regular voice lessons with my teacher! Well, not quite regular, but… as it turns out, you can get a lot done over the internet including working intensively on the voice, once you’ve made peace with the fact that all of your more traditional options have been removed. I would have […]

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