voice lessons – breathing deep

I am finally back in regular voice lessons with my teacher! Well, not quite regular, but… as it turns out, you can get a lot done over the internet including working intensively on the voice, once you’ve made peace with the fact that all of your more traditional options have been removed. I would have […]

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The nighttime has always been my time for thinking and worrying. Even as a small child, I was often unable to sleep, too afraid of being left alone with my own thoughts in the dark. I would get out of bed and creep to the edge of the room, my body still stuck in the […]

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Small remedies – Berlin

Saturday started out blue. It wasn’t easy shepherding the family out of the apartment that morning for a walk in the sunshine. It began with me alternately cheering and yelling, “Come on, come on! Did everyone go to the bathroom? Brush your teeth! Grab your masks! Let’s go, let’s go!” After each of us had […]

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