I am an American opera and concert singer who’s been based in Berlin for the past nearly (gulp) eighteen years. When all of my performances were canceled almost overnight due to the Coronavirus, I knew I needed to devise a plan to retain my sanity. Said sanity is usually retained, managed, and maintained, by climbing onto the stage and sending all of my oversized emotions out into the audience. What to do now without these almost magical connections with audiences, friends and colleagues? No matter how grateful I am to be able to spend this time at home with my husband and daughters instead of on planes and trains, in hotels and Airbnb’s (and I am very grateful) I am still left wondering, just how do we stage creatures survive and thrive when it’s not possible to get up on a stage? I think we are all trying to figure that out, but my plan so far is to learn the ukulele and write a blog. And look, I learned four chords already and wrote this paragraph! What could go wrong?

For more information on my operatic and concert career as a soprano, please visit my website: http://www.robinjohannsen.com